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The Play

I am the utterance of my name is a play that divines the myths, beliefs, and contradictions around Mary Magdalene.

A music-theatre piece currently in development by playwright/performer Sylvia Milo and composer/percussionist Nathan Davis, creators of the play, The Other Mozart, about the forgotten genius sister of Amadeus.

Equal parts theater, experimental music performance, and ritual, the work will elucidate the lattice of contradictions around Magdalene, her archetype, and her symbolism.
Drawing from diverse texts and primary sources – Biblical, Gnostic, heretical, Medieval, and modern –
the play creates a prismatic image of seven apparitions of Mary Magdalene, portrayed by Milo. Davis plays instruments both ancient and modern – hammered dulcimer, harmonium, and hand drums – interweaving the sound design with field recordings from sites significant to the myths.

“I am the utterance of my name” has been workshopped and supported by All for One, by the Bogliasco Foundation (Italy), and by the Baryshnikov Arts Center.